Sep 09

Base Heightmap developed

Here’s the base heightmap I’ll be starting with, still waiting on GIMP to release 16-bit grayscale function to do it right, unless I compile it myself… nah…

With the map being 50 x 50 tiles each 512×512 the full image would be 25600×25600 which is a large amount of data and computer told me to go away. So I generated it at 10000 x 10000, cut it into 50 x 50 tiles then upscaled each tile to 512×512, took most of the night as the image converted wasn’t multi-threading. All good as I slept 🙂

The resulting tiles will be a little flat and noisy from the upscaling but that will sort out as I optimise and terraform the land.

Writing my own landscaping tool for this, gives me what I need and help me to learn the code side of the 3D engine I’m using.

Full Heightmap for TheGame (reduced of course