Jan 31

Delayed but not forgotten

I haven’t forgotten this project, never will. Unfortunately other issues and jobs in my life have caused delays.

Still working on breaking TerrainTiler out into its own class, being an old-school structured programmer for so long its taking me a lot of effort to unlearn old styles and learn the newer OOP stuff. I think I have the concept of classes and objects coming together in my head but making a new class of this scale is proving a challenge. Especially with all the other distractions in my world.

One thing I have been active with is idea and concepts on many aspects of the game itself, the world, the characters and the game play. All just ideas and subject to changes so for now they stay in my head but they will come out here eventually and I get more confident on them.

Currently thinking of going full first person gameplay, I know this is not the normal for an MMORPG but maybe I have a few ideas to make it work and be different from the many other games out there. Maybe, time will tell.

Stay tuned, I am on holidays for a bit as of today and this project will be getting some love.

As always, enjoy.