Apr 24


Yes, it is.

After last post I ended up getting so frustrated with memory leaks from the 3D engine I was using (the asset-loader side of it) that I gave up on it. I decided it was painful enough that moving to a different engine would be less painful.

So I started to make the move over to Unity3D

In learning the new engine and language added to all the other issues in my life at that time I basically lost all my enthusiasm on the project and stopped.

I still keep my ideas and notes and still add to them, the project isn’t totally abandoned just on hold. Right now I have my job(s) and a whole heap of real world projects that are consuming all my spare time.

So for now I’ll keep the game project on my, rather large, list of things to do and note progress on if and when I get to it.

I’ll try to get around to listing and making progress reports on all these Other projects on my main blog – radans.net.

Until then, thanks for reading.

— Radan.