Feb 19

Terrain Generation

Has started,

Had a major headache in the tiler routine that was causing a big memory leak, still needs to be properly sorted but it’s not leaking at the moment. Still not sure if it was my code or the engine library I’m using. Sort it eventually.

Terrain generation has started coming together, still needs more work but here’s an early screenshot for progress. Needs seam welding between the tiles and better smoothing routines but its a start. Gives me something to work on.


Early Terrain Generator

Early Terrain Generator

Feb 12

TerrainTiler library progress!

Hello again.

The TerrainTiler class library is now progressing very well. Not loading actual tiles yet just random color HillHeightMaps but it’s working and quite flexible: so far I’ve tested a 3×3 grid and a 5×5 grid (shown below) ┬ácode also allows 7×7 and 9×9, i’ll test these later, getting late here.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle loading actual terrains with textures and finish off a few functions.

Code is up on GoogleCode so others can look at or test it, currently it’s a project for jMonkeyEngine SDK so you can load the whole project into the SDK and just run it.

Thanks for reading!

TerrainTiler-1 TerrainTiler-2