That was quick πŸ˜€

Getting progress on the TerrainTiler routine, still need to break it out into its own class and give it threading but it is working and frame rates are still good.

Terraforming tools are also coming together nicely, currently I can smooth the whole visible terrain, paint it with different textures, scale the textures and swap them out for others.

My planning is to have 4 textures per tile but each tile can have 4 of however many textures I decide to have available, this way each tile stays simple but I can have a vast array of different textures to suit the varying type of areas across the map. Also this allows me to put a lot of detail in such as normals/glow/specular maps as I need without breaking the limits of the older graphics cards.

And here are some pics to look at as words are boring πŸ™‚

(The small oval is my “Player” (no pretty models yet, mechanics first). I use the player to test the physics of the terrain for issues as I go. The dome is the tool, adjustable in size.)

Until next time!

Splat Painting

Different Textures per Tile

LoD on terrain



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