Aug 02

Tiled Terrain Editor update


Apologies for taking so long at this, available time has not been good and I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting and learning as I go. So far I have Image tile generation running and the menu system for the rest of it going.

I’ve uploaded the current code state to a new svn repository here:

You’ll need the library pngj added to the jMonkeyEngine SDK to compile it or download the compiled file here

So far the menu works but the only real function working is: “Generate New Terrain” > “From HeightMap Image” > load any 16-bit Gray-scale PNG image > “Generate” > “Create Image Tiles”.

Only 16-bit Gray-scale png images are supported at the moment, any size, I have two test maps, one small at 1024*1024 and one very large at 8192*8192. The image is loaded one strip of tiles at a time so very large maps can be processed with exceeding memory requirements.

You can choose how many tiles to generate in both directions and the base image map will be scaled and interpolated as required, both bigger and smaller. Number of tiles is 8 minimum to 4096 maximum in each direction. Tile size selectable from 256 to 2048. PNG images will then be created and saved into the selected location under a new directory of the entered name (optional) with the file name: tilexxxxyyyy.png

Not much use for my terraintiler library at this stage but those who use jMe’s TerrainGrid will be able to use the generated tiles right away. Code to load the tiles like this:

        assetManager.registerLocator("path/to/tiles", FileLocator.class);
        this.terrain = new TerrainGrid("terrain", 65, 513, 
                           new ImageTileLoader(assetManager, new Namer() {

            public String getName(int x, int y) {
                String fileName = String.format("tile%04d%04d.png", x, y);
                return fileName;

Next I’ll be working on the ‘j3o’ tile generation for my terraintiler library using textures that can be loaded on the generation screen. More on that later.

Any comments of the code so far would be very appreciated.


Jul 14

MapGenerator Menu

Quick update,

Have managed to load a large height-map image and generate a “mini-map” of it and setup the map generation menu:



As the screenshot shows, the original file is 8192×8192 pixels, in 16-bit gray-scale.

Also populated drop-down boxes to select the “world” size in tiles across and the size of each tile, also there is a list to set the maximum height of the generated world. All in “world units”

Next is to link the drop down boxes to change the “pixels to unit” scale value and also to lock the sliders on the left to keep each one less than the one below it (they are there to set the height percentage for painting the one to four textures based on the terrains height during tile generation)


Jul 11

TiledTerrain Editor

Hi all.

Some visible progress on the terrain editor program, after bitching with Nifty-Gui I think I’m getting the hang of it. just piecing the menus together and adding code functions to them, once they’re all done the real work can begin.

Here’s some screenshots so far:

File Loading screen for loading tilesets or images/textures:

java 2013-07-11 20-57-06-23


The tile-set generator screen (left image pairs for initial height-based textures are diffuse&normal pairs, large right-hand image will show a scaled version of the users heightmap image):
java 2013-07-11 20-57-22-60Until next update!


Aug 23

Thus it begins

This new site will be the home for a game that I’m developing.

A place for my ideas, sketches, screenshots etc as it progresses.

As of yet the game has no name. It will be an MMORPG game set in a typical RPG Swords and Magic style universe. I’m planning a lot of features that at this stage I’ll keep secret since I’ve only started things will change. The Game will have a bit of everything in a (as yet) totally new style of game.

The World as this stage is planned to be a large continent of (maybe) about 100km x 100km surrounded by a few islands around the coast.

New players will start by getting off a boat onto a dock by a town that was old and large but now mostly destroyed. New buildings have been built around the docks as settlers move in, rebuilding on the remains of what was. There are only rumours of what happened, all that is known for sure was that this must have been a large prospering town as the remains of many buildings were found with a huge fortified wall separating it from the rest of the land. Many fine works of craft were found by the first settlers and a few hidden stashes of gems and gold. Most of the town though had appeared to have been pillaged as it was destroyed. The wall was partially destroyed and is in the process of being rebuilt, settlers have been here for a number of years now and with the exception of a few wild animals there has been no real threats. The new Mayor however is taking no chances, seeing how the town was found in such a state, and has ordered the wall rebuilt and fortified with new technology and magic. Little does he know how his wisdom will pay off as trouble is brewing in the lands once again.

And thus is begins, a new story, a new world…

Stay tuned.